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     In 2017, CAABA was established in order to create a local hub of connection, education, and training for psychologists practicing collaborative assessments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before CAABA, a group of psychological assessment instructors in the San Francisco Bay Area started meeting to discuss teaching and training strategies and to create learning opportunities for their students. The collaboration between ASPP, CSPP (SF and Sacramento), The Wright Institute, UC Berkeley, and Palo Alto University instructors led to a series of case presentations and research efforts on teaching and training.  This group wanted to expand and a group of practitioners wanted to come together as a group.  After exploring options, CAABA was created to provide local support.  We are a group that is still growing and if you are a practicing psychologist, psychological assistant, registered psychologist, or active psychology student interested in or practicing collaborative psychological assessment, you are welcome to request to join our email list below.


      As of 2022, CAABA has become a non-profit organization allowing for improved programming and opportunities . 

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
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