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training and education

CAABA supports the teaching and training of psychologists in the collaborative model of assessment. In addition, we are eager to provide opportunities for professional development to practicing psychologists. 

School LIbrary

Training and Supervision

Teaching and supervising a collaborative model of assessment requires a unique balance of teaching fidelity to standardized testing measures, honing therapeutic skills that foster insight, and conveying feedback through a client-centered model.  CAABA seeks to offer a hub through which which supervising and teaching psychologists can share expertise, gather resources, access trainings, and explore ways to continually improve training in this model of assessment. Join CAABA today to become involved!

Continuing Education

CAABA hosts regular opportunities for continuing education units through which psychologists can learn about various lenses and special topics related to collaborative assessment. Many of these events are free to participants. To learn more, visit our Events page.

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